Thursday, September 15, 2011



you've been living for 22 years, 10 months, and 3 days
You were born on: Friday.
Your date of conception was probably: 19th February 1988.
You've seen: 6 leap years.
Your Zodiac Sign is: Scorpio.
Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is: Dragon.
Your Ruling Planet is: Mars.
Your Birthstone is: Topaz.
Your Birth Flower is: Chrysanthemum.
Your Birth Tree is: Walnut Tree.
Your Birth Number is: 3.
Time till your next Birthday: 57 days 20 hours 10 mins.
Your Lucky Color is: Shades of Red.
Your Lucky Day is: Tuesday.
Your Lucky Number is: Two.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


dear ex-love,

i forgive eventhough theres something un cleared. seems like u lie to me. its okay.. i know u have no intention to treat me like that.. maybe u try to make me calm. i've decide to start a new life and forget the old things. i didnt mean to take u out from my life. we still can be friend. yeaahhh..just friend.

now its clear that evrything was end! our life is not like playing NINTENDO games that we can repeat many times even the game is over.. no backspace, no u turn, no turning back for me. in future i'll find someone to replace that broken part. insyaallah.. there's someone who really love me. and i hope i can forget everything between me n u.

i feel like burning myself. im sick. im tired. this is the best way for us. i hope u stop bobbing up and down and asked for me .. u are my friend, and i love our friendship. before i hate u and just leave u behind, sound selfish.

goodbye and thank you for everything

nana ismail