Thursday, January 26, 2012


credit to santhy oohh lalalaaa..

do u know what it means to respect someone?
it means that
u treat that person
just the way u would like to be treated


i was disappointed ..
whatever dis just for u ..

Sunday, January 15, 2012



Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta
cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya padaMu
agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk menyintaiMu

Ya Muhaimin
jika aku jatuh hati
izinkanlah aku menyentuh hati seseorang yang hatinya bertaut padaMu
agar tidak terjatuh dalam jurang cinta nafsu

Ya Rabbana
jika aku jatuh cinta
jagalah hatiku padanya
agar tidak berpaling daripada hatiMu

Ya Rabbul Izzati
jika aku rindu
rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindui syahid di jalanMu.

Ya Allah
jika aku menikmati cinta kekasihMu
janganlah kenikmatan itu melebihi kenikmatan
indahnya bermunajat di sepertiga malam akhirMu

Ya Allah
jika aku jatuh hati pada kekasihMu
jangan biarkan aku tertatih dan terjatuh
dalam perjalanan panjang menyeru manusia padaMumerindui syahid di jalanMu

Ya Allah
jika Kau halalkan aku merindui kekasihMu jangan biarkan aku melampaui batas
sehingga melupakan
aku pada cinta hakiki
dan rindu abadi hanya kepadaMu


and i learned what is obvious to a child
that life is simply a collection of little live
seach lived one day at a time
that each day should be spent finding beauty in flowers and poetry and talking to animals
that a day spent with dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered
but most of all
i learned that life is about sitting on benches
next to ancient creeks
with my hand on her knee and sometimes
on good days
for falling in love

being beautiful is more then how many boys you can get to look at you
or how much make-up you can wear
it's about what you live for
it's about what defines you
it's about the heart that you have and what makes you special
it's about those little quirks that make you, YOU
It's about going against the flow and living out what you honestly think
and that is a beautiful thing

it's the possibility that keeps us going
not the guarantee

people used to tell me that the first time you fall in love
it changes your life forever
and no matter how hard you try
the feeling never goes away
do you ever just sit there and wonder
why he chose you?
do you ever stop and think that
it was just to good to be true?
does it ever seem like your afraid to lose him
without him your whole life will be ruined
failing is the first step to success
crying is the first step to happiness
heart break is the first step to true love
and I hope the sun shines
and it's a beautiful day I hope something reminds you of me
and you wish you had stayed
we can plan for change in the weather and time
i never planned on you to stop loving me
im not even upset, hurt or angry anymore
im just tired
tired of putting in more effort that I recieve
im tired of holding on for nothing
im tired of believing all your lies
im tired of you proving me
wrong every time.
im tired of getting my hopes up only to be disappointed again

one day when it's way too late you're going to say
"I love you"
then when I don't reply
you're going to muster up everything you have
and ask
"Do you love me?"
and you know what i'm going to say
"I used to love you, I wish I still did,
but you were with all those other girls
and you were way too blind to see
what was right in front of you the whole time
i've dropped you hints
and I've tried to make it clear
but you never caught on
so right now I'm going to say
we're just friends
like you did to me all those times"

time is money and you ain't worth a fucking dime
for all the lies I've tasted, just looking for the truth
for all the dreams I'm chasing
well what am I to do
when everything's against me
and the answers are all wrong
i hope that i find out it was worth it all along


you are the only trace i left

the things is
u make me happy
u walked in when it seemes like the rest of the world walked out u were there.
i never need to pretend when im around u
when im talking, when im with u
u are the hilarious, u make me laugh all the time.
u seem to pick up when something is wrong before everyone else does
and u know exactly what to say to make it all okay
and even if it is only for a little while, it helps
the thing is
i might love you
Thank You (:


what consumes your mind, controls your life


every girl thinks she can change a player
but the truth is, it's not the player that needs to change
it's the girl
every player is on a mission
to find that one girl that makes them lose their desire to play


sometimes, we're too into the moment to look at the big picture
we fail to see things in perspective because we're too absorbed
in what's taking place at that very instance
the thing is we should face reality
find ourselves from being lost in the moment and think about everything the way it is
because sometimes being realistic can save us from pain and disappointment.


she likes u a lot
she just has a funny way to show it
but hey.... so do u!!


the reasons I'm alone i know by heart
but I don't want to spend forever in the dark
i swear next time I'll hang on for dear life
if love ever gives me another try


u were the one who taught me the value of love


things don't always change with a bang
sometimes they change so gradually
that you can't clearly pinpoint the last moment they were truly the same


it seems like a new life


let's be hasty, and let's be reckless
just being with you leaves me breathless
insyaallah (:


.........waiting for your something (: